Ben Hill

Accordion and vocals

Ben is a self taught accordion player and loves nothing more than an hour alone with his accordion. Previously a member of the 'South Circular Accordion Herd'. Sadly the Herd had to disband on grounds of health and safety. As a result it is now illegal to have more than three accordion players in the same room at once. 

Corin Burgess


Corin is a classically trained violin player. She loves to play second fiddle and can spot a bum note or an instrument that is out of tune from a hundred metres away.

No-one actually knows what she looks like.

Jo Rowland

Steel Pan and vocals

Jo's steel pan perfectly compliments the band's quirky style.  Jo's beautiful chords and melodies slip seamlessly into the  Slippery mix of musical styles. She is always on hand to remind John of the lyrics. She has also  been known  to  cook up a stir fry in her steel pan for the band after a gig.


John Burgess

Rhythm  guitar  and  vocals

John  has  also  been  known  to play drums  and keeps time like a Swiss watch. John has written all of the band's original material and yet still occasionally forgets his own lyrics.